Friday, August 3, 2007

Health Clinic Update

Posting by Nyla

Greetings from Kenya,

It is so amazing to be here and see the health clinic go up before my eyes. In a little less than a week the clinic is already halfway built. I've been told that by next Monday all the walls will be completely built.

The people are so involved that on the first day of construction people were seen taking goats and donkeys to the bank as collateral so they could get loans for materials while they waited for the donations to be wired from the USA. They told me that they want this lab to be built as soon as possible because they are so poorly treated for HIV related illnesses by the district hospital and sometimes this lack of care can be fatal. They really look forward to being cared for by a place that nurtures instead of stigmatizes them because of the virus.

Another reason why the health clinic has been able to be built so quickly is because everyone in the community is involved; from young children to elderly women. We came to the site one day and saw that children were carrying rocks that they collected for the foundation and bringing them to the construction site. While everyone was working it started pouring. At the same time as the rain, a truck full of construction materials showed up. Immediately all the men went to seek shelter but the women and children got in the trucks and started to toss out the rocks, laughing, singing and getting completely drenched by the downpour! We stood awestruck by the power of these two very different generations working together. We learned later that these generations are the backbone of the Pepo La Tumaini community because the continuing devastation of AIDS and tribal clashes has taken the lives of the parent generation and now the majority of the community are children and the elderly.

I wish that my words could do justice to this meaningful experience. Instead I think I'll let the pictures tell the story of the health clinic coming to fruition.

Love from Kenya,


Anonymous said...

I am soooo touched by everyone's entry..I am a constantly sending my thoughts, prayers, and positivity to all of you...May all of you be safe and keep spreading your amazing blessings to all these people you all have touched so deeply by this mission...MISS YOU NYLA!!! LOVE YA!!! Michele :)

Anonymous said...

I am incredibly moved...
reading the posts and seeing the photos, I know that Stephanie is with you and is SO HAPPY AND PROUD!!!
Nyla, you and your friends are living the real example of true, unconditional love and peace - the pure joy of giving and being of service to others, that your Mom so freely gave to me and many others.
With deep admiration and love,
Alice Dill Wendland